Introduction into Vital Force Technology

Vital Force Technology (VFT), the main component in Stemtech’s D-Fuze, is capable of generating, storing, reproducing and infusing “subtle energy” into various substances. When you attach a D-Fuze disc on your cell phone, VFT disperses the radiation generated by your device. In Western literature, subtle energy is frequently called “bio-energy.” [1, 2] In addition, VFT equipment can be used to precisely reproduce the energetic blueprint of many substances, such as blueprints of herbs, oils, nutritional supplements, gemstones, etc.

These features of VFT make it possible to create complex subtle energy patterns targeted for specific biological functions, whether physiological, psychological or mental. As these subtle energy patterns—Vital Force Technology formulas—are produced, they can be stored by VFT equipment, such as D-Fuze, and amplified again when needed.

During more than 20 years of working with Vital Force Technology, a unique and extensive library of subtle energy patterns has been created. Many of these patterns have been experimentally tested using rigorous scientific methodologies with strong positive effects of the energetic formulas observed on humans [3], animals [4], plants [5], the health of cells [6] and even on gene activity [7].


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