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My Story

Hello- Thank you for visiting my web page.

My name is Ray Canepa, I live in Napa, Ca.

From a very young age, my father encouraged me to work very hard in order to reach my goals. I learned how to apply the steadfast work-ethic I inherited from him to a series of different challenges in life.

For a long as I can remember, basketball has had a special place in my heart. As I studied the game and practiced almost incessantly, I never forgot the words my father repeated to me: work hard, never give up. Through these insightful and inspirational words, I learned that I could conquer anything, no matter how hard it appeared to be.  

Throughout my life, I’ve had many good times but also, a great deal of challenging ones. Perhaps, the most challenging one was the passing of my wife, despite all our best efforts. Leading up to her death, I was running several successful businesses, including a delicatessen and a very popular restaurant. Given the circumstances, I invested everything I could in her recovery, however, her medical condition was beyond recovery. By that time, I had lost everything. By my late 50s, I was a widow and had declared bankruptcy. Never in my wildest dreams could I have expected to be in this position so late in life. My life had suddenly turned upside down.

Despite all the endured hardships, I was convinced that life had much more in stored for me, that I had much more to learn and to enjoy. More so, I knew that I had the necessary skills to regenerate the money I had lost. However, I needed a medium to do so. This is when I found STEMTECH.

My son, who is a neurologist and has his Masters Degree in Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine strongly advised me to get involved. He thought that this company was a great place to invest my particular skill set.

Since becoming part of the STEMTECH family, not only have I made amazing friends and colleagues, but I have also learned a great deal about this exciting technology and I’ve found a wonderful place to make use of the life-skills my father always taught me. Furthermore, I’ve found security for the future: great health benefits and most importantly, a profitable pathway towards my retirement.